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Importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

To succeed, whether it's personally or in business, their needs to be defined metrics to indicate the steps are being followed through with. The key performance indicators (KPI) are used to show or prove continuous growth and stability.

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  1. Create set goals or standards - This allows the use of key performance indicators to be used to prove the measure of success you or your business are currently performing at.

  2. Determine the metrics -This measures the success of the goals or standards set by you or your business. This helps show how many customers are needed, employees needed, products to be sold, materials needed, profit and loss, on-time deliveries, etc.

Proven Results Using KPI's

  • Find areas of improvement for you or your business. It indicates success at chosen goals.

  • Daily work routines on these indicators will align with the end goal

  • Routinely analyze and measure the key performance indicators

  • Present to on a regular interval to yourself, co-workers, and employees

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